The FB ORGANIC Marketing Automation Platform

Leads Scraping, Messenger CRM, Bulk Messages, Schedule Posts, and more…

Welcome To My Marketing Organic Tool

What If You Could...?

Scrape Leads From Facebook Groups & Viral Posts...

Extract FB Profiles From Potential Customers

✅ Extract FB Profiles In Groups Searching By Keywords
✅ Extract FB Profiles of people that commented in a post

Add a Keywords and search users in a facebook group with the exact match or provide a post link and extract people that commented.

Add & Outreach Them via Bulk Messages...

Send a Message to all the prospects you extracted

✅ Bulk Add them as friends 
✅ Personalize Bulk Messages by {name} – {day}

Add your ideal clients and send them a personalized message to all of them.

Tag & Visualize Them in A Messenger CRM...

Track and tag leads by response or stage

✅ Mini Visual Messenger CRM
✅ Sort & Filter Leads by Tags

Find your prospects easily ordering by tags.

Manage Group Members & Tag Them In New Posts...

Invite them to your facebook group and manage new members

✅ Export Leads (CSV Excel Sheet)
✅ Tag Them in Your CRM
✅ Tag them in a Welcome Post

Add new member requests in you Messenger CRM and tag them in a welcome post.

Schedule Posts From Your Personal Facebook...

Free Up Your Time

✅ Create Content and Upload it
✅ Schedule From Your Personal Facebook Profile

You need to keep your audience engaged, plan and schedule your content.





  1. Say Happy Birthday Automatically
  2. Auto Greet New Friend Requests
  3. Auto Greet Incoming Friend Requests
  4. Create Rich Content 
  5. Erase Inactive Friends
  6. Manage All Facebook Friends
  7. Profile Switcher for VA’s
  8. Cancel Friend Requests
  9. Cancel Group Requests
  10. Auto Engage in Facebook Posts

Everything You Need

In One Tool

At a Fraction Of The Cost



Have any questions?

YES, is not loaded into Facebook, it works through a simple Chrome extension called Social Toolkit Pro. Facebook wants to protect the privacy of its users and we closely follow and endorse those guidelines.

The Software is not for spamming. EVER!

It is designed to help you find the people who need your services.

No catch, you pay the price and you also got access to our community of successful coaches and entrepreneurs. We have seen people selling high ticket via Organic, and we will teach you that inside the software! 

We recommend you don’t send more than 50 over a 24 hour period. But here’s the big question. How many clients do you need? Even if you set the software to send 100 messages over a week. And with only 1% buying, look at the time you have saved and the money you have made.

Working on your own is difficult. The biggest and most expensive resource you have is time. You need to stop trading time for dollars, and our software helps you do that.

You see if you earn $250 an hour, but it takes you 10 hours to find the client, your true hourly rate is $25 an hour. With “My Marketing Organic Software”, you stop working for a low hourly rate.

We know a lot of you use Va’s for your business, so YES! You can use the profile switcher to solve that.

You can ask about features and leave a review if you’re a current user of the software.

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